“Every thought is creating our future”

— Louise L Hay

Children and young people

Joanne has additional training in working with children.

Children generally respond very well to the different types of techniques used. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, for example, is particularly useful and can be quite fun, in addition if a parent or guardian attends, they too can learn EFT and help the child and themselves at future points.

NLP is also very effective as children often instinctively respond to the techniques and treat them like games and in a friendly unpressured way create their own solutions.

Hypnotherapy may or may not be used, depending on the character and the age of the child. Young children will rarely sit for too long with their eyes closed! however they love to use their imagination!

Children’s Sessions

The length of the children’s or young person’s session depends on the age of the child, usually, it is for an hour only.

When a child attends on their own, all discussions are confidential and information only shared with the express permission of the child.

Parents and guardians may attend with their child although with older children, this may not be necessary. This decision is left to the child and their parent/guardian.