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I first met Joanne in the summer of 2013 when struggling with the pressures of the recent growth spurt in my business and the changes to my role and the management of a larger team and client base.  Financially we were better than ever but I had failed to look after myself sufficiently along the way.  It had been 5 years since I had experienced something similar when [I experienced] a life changing event in my late 30’s and I was worried that my anxious state would return to those levels again (which I am pleased to say did not).

Joanne was an excellent support network/listener and her subtle techniques saw gradual improvements in my health to a full recovery, my business benefited immensely as I became less irritable and more sympathetic to customers and my teams and bluntly less cynical.  I believed in Joanne and realise now that my mind is complex and takes time to heal itself, I learnt to be patient and not to beat [myself] up when [I] have a blip, just open up to Joanne about everything you are thinking and the benefits appear fairly quickly – but maintain the progress.  In my case it was approximately 15 sessions over 6 months before I was 100% me again and felt the need not to see Joanne.  More importantly it’s good to know that she is there if I needed help again.  I avoided taking any prescription [medication] which was an option but I knew this time around I could work things out.  Joanne is literally a life saver – don’t think you can do things yourself – you need support, like any other.  Finally read at least one book Joanne can recommend and follow the advice.  It really does work.  Life is simple and nothing phases me any more.  Thank you Joanne.



N.B. During these sessions, this client also conquered the habits of long term nail biting and social smoking.

I have approached and worked with a number of NLP Practitioners over the years, and I can’t recommend Joanne’s services highly enough.
She proved to have just the right mix of professionalism and warmth, and most importantly integrity.
I felt entirely comfortable with the approach we took, and am stunned at how simple it can be to make positive changes in a very short space of time.
I would recommend that anyone looking to make any changes or improvements to their lives contacts Joanne.

Ms J. F. Wirral

I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in getting the …… job! ….thank you very much for your help and advice. THANK YOU!

Ms C. H. Wirral

I have used Joanne on a few occasions and she is excellent at what she does. Lovely lady who makes you feel she has all the time in the world when she works with you.

Ms M. J. Wirral

I sincerely thank you and can inform you that I have improved with my outlook and action taking, as a result of your great work.  On the day I thought we would just sit and go through a few figures etc., I did not expect the fantastic session I received.

Thank you again.

Mr TM. Wirral