Sessions are available in two locations, Bromborough and Neston.

For appointments and consultations please call 07856 382832

or email

All discussions and sessions are confidential.


The first sessions is for one and a half hours as this allows for a good chat about the desired changes and leaves time for therapeutic work to be done. Further sessions are for one hour.

There is no set number of sessions and clients are encouraged to go at their own pace and take things as far as they wish and at their own pace as we are all individuals.

A three session discount is also available. Please contact me for more details.

Specialist sessions are also available for example Smoking Cessation is a two hour session and requires a questionnaire to be filled in beforehand.

Breakthrough sessions are longer and last a day or half a day and are designed to tackle multiple issues in a single session. some people find this helpful as they stay focussed on their change process. Price upon application.

Cards, cash and cheques are accepted.

Joanne Adam

I have been in the field of personal development and change for over 20 years. I started on this path be first learning Reiki and went on to be a Reiki, Seichem and Karuna energy healing Master. I pursued learning about other body therapies until I came across Neuro Linguistic Programming 15 years ago. My first experience of a personal development course using some of the techniques of NLP blew me away, I had never experienced anything so dynamic and yet permissive, respectful of each individual’s own story and history. The opportunity came to join an NLP training course and from that point onwards the whole field of the mind and how it works has been a constant source of fascination, exploration and research. For me the mind is everything, anything and everything leads back to it; thoughts, beliefs, values, our sense of identity, memories, behaviour patterns and just about everything that makes us uniquely us, starts and finishes with the mind.

“Accept what you cannot change, change what you cannot accept”

Qualifications: NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainer, Advanced EFT, Dip. Stress Management, plus may additional CPD training courses.