What is NLP?

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming is an ever growing and developing set of methods of quickly creating deep and lasting change. NLP techniques communicate directly with the body-mindin order to re-write unproductive behaviours, beliefs and patterns of living.

Permanent and positive change can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

NLP uses a wide range of skills and techniques developed from experts in the fields of Psychiatry, Psychology, Family Therapy, Hypnosis and many others in order to distil the very best methods into a discipline that is both powerful and dynamic.

NLP is equally applicable for personal and workplace change as the tools of NLP are also drawn from many other non therapy sources such as businessand education.

How does NLP work?

Most of the way in which we interact with the world around us, is as a result of our own internal ways of understanding the world.  This understanding or map of the world is unique to us and subject to our own individual sets of beliefs, values, our sense of identity and how we filter, sort and store those inputs.

Our map of the world is stored at the unconscious level of the mind and the tools and techniques of NLP are all designed to shift/change/modify that map in order for it to work more effectively for you and how you want to be.

What can NLP be used for?

NLP can be applied to just about anything from the smallest of adjustments to massive life change.  It cannot force change as it works hand in hand with your unconscious mind and so is safe and ethical and change comes at a pace that is right for you.

The strategies and techniques of NLP are widely applied for phobias, fears, anxiety, panic, healing the past, trauma, weight loss, habit change, life changes, self-confidence, acquiring new skills, overcoming limitations and much more!