“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”

— Jim Rohn

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a method which uses the natural inclination of the mind to process information internally in order to create deep and lasting change.  Hypnotherapy aims to communicate directly with the unconscious mind in a way that leads to a natural desire to change.

The style of hypnosis used here is called Ericksonian Hypnotherapy which utilises more indirect suggestions for change by building a rapport with the unconscious mind. The style means that gentle guidance towards change is far more likely to have positive effects compared with traditional direct methods.

What to expect…

Hypnotherapy at its most fundamental level is simply an altered state which everyone will go into at some point during the day, naturally and easily. Ever found yourself gazing out of a window or tuning out a boring bit in a conversation or meeting? You have gone into an altered state, where the internal world is more interesting than the external.

What can Hypnotherapy be useful for?

Hypnotherapy is most commonly associated with helping the relief of stress and anxiety, fears, phobias, trauma, flashbacks, healing the past and much more.

Hypnosis and altered states  can also be used to acquire new skills and resources, learn new things quickly and at a deeper level and to create new and compelling futures. The possibilities are endless!

Hypnotherapy FAQs

Is Hypnotherapy like stage hypnosis?

Only in that those on stage go into an altered state. Stage hypnotists work with only those people who are willing to ‘play’ as all hypnosis can only be done with the agreement of the unconscious mind.

How does Joanne know what to say during hypnosis?

During our discussion, I will be collecting all of the information I need to create a unique session just for you, totally centred on your needs and desire for change. No two sessions will ever be the same.

What will it feel like?

Hypnosis is often experienced differently be different people and there may even be different experiences of it between two sessions.  Simply put, the experience is unique to the individual and there is no right or wrong way of experiencing hypnotherapy.

How many sessions will I need?

That very much depends on you! On how far and how fast you want to experience change in your life. There is always more that can be done.

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