I have often had clients come to me because they find it difficult to make decisions for what can be multiple reasons.  More about that another time.  After having worked through their background processes I have found that there are a number of simple ways to help get the right decision for you at this time.

One of the many reasons we have difficulty making decisions is that the choice is often not quite cut and dried, it’s more of a case that all routes are good but for different reasons. In this case it may be useful to get a steer from your unconscious mind which has wider access to all of the implications and knock on effects of any decision than can be held solely by the conscious mind.

For a quick intuitive steer on a decision try one or both of these quick exercises.

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Sounds a bit weird but toss a coin.  Assign the two choices to heads and tails and toss it and see how it lands.

Now the important thing to notice here is not what side lands up but what your response is to the answer.  That is critical.

If you find that you are still not quite sure or that you don’t like the answer in some way or you find yourself saying best of three, then you have your answer already.  It’s the ‘other’ one that you are unconsciously hoping for and the ‘other’ one that is most likely to be right at this time for you.

If you don’t like that idea either and when the coin lands on the ‘other’ side with the same response then maybe it’s neither choice as the ‘do nothing’ choice is always one that is available or you may need to seek out more information or check the timing.  In other words there may be more involved in the outcome than you had originally thought.

Finding an internal ‘yes’ and ‘no’

This is slightly more complex but well worth pursuing so that you have another tool in the toolbox and another resource to help you on a daily basis.  Finding your internal yes/no is another way of tuning into and communication with your own unconscious mind.

Spend some time and list 4 or 5 different times when you have made a good decision, it doesn’t have to be a complex or difficult decision, and write them down.  You can also include times when you have felt good about doing things or times when you have trusted your intuition and been pleased with the result despite it not being obvious at the time.

Now think about each in turn.

Recreate the event and the memory in as much detail as you can using all of your senses.  What did you see, hear and feel at that time both externally and internally.  Where does the strongest internal indication come from that you were right?

Repeat for each of the listed events and notice where your indicators are and what they are.

Once you have identified them and they will likely be commonalities between these events you can then use that information for any future difficult decisions.  When you get that feeling, or hear that thought or see the colours brighten, whatever it is, you know you are making the best decision you can right now.

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