There is a lot written about goals and dreams online and most say pretty much the same thing, however I like to take a slightly different approach to setting goals as I think goals and dreams are not quite the same thing and to have both can be a valuable approach to creating the life that you want.

Dare to dream a dream

We often hear that dreams are unattainable and frequently others will try to dissuade us from even setting off in pursuit of our dreams as to them they seem too unrealistic.

I would argue that firstly, what is unrealistic to them is not necessarily unrealistic to you so put that attitude aside.  And secondly, to dare to dream a dream is to connect with what really motivates you and makes you feel good.  It is to immerse yourself in the potential and multiple possibilities of something quite different, something that really feels good.  This feeling is key in any change work as it provides the motivation and drive to set off on your journey.

Dreams cost nothing, you can dream as big as you like.

Dreams are unique to you and there is no scale in how you dream and so you can dream whatever you like.  If your dream is to walk on the moon one day and your friend’s is to be able to ride the bus to the next town, that’s ok.  There is no purpose in comparing and judging the dreams of others.  What is important is that they have meaning to you and that they provide the motivation for you to take the next step.  The next step for each of these dreams may be equally challenging or equally easy, it doesn’t matter to anyone else other than the person who is having that dream, you!

So dare to dream and immerse yourself in the experience of that dream.

Dream immersion

Make that dream as compelling and interesting to you as possible!

Use all of your senses and build the dream.  You don’t need to know the how’s and what’s of it just yet, you are just dreaming of potential.  

What does your dream look like? Make the colours and pictures clear and bright, (if you can visualise, if you can’t, that’s not important, just start with another sense to create the landscape of your dream).

What does your dream sound like? What sounds are associated with your dream, the sound of the engine of your new sports car, the rolling waves on the beach of the great holiday, the roar of the crowd as you score that goal.

What does your dream taste and smell like? The tang of the air on the beach? The smell of the new leather in your sports car? The taste of the exotic food on your travels?

And most importantly, what does having your dream feel like? This is a really big one so spend some time and think about the feelings you will have as your dream becomes reality and enjoy them.

Immerse yourself in the sensory information of your dream and make a check that everything is just as you would want it to be.  Change as necessary and build and revisit as many times as you wish.

This is a dream and at this point there is no place for any reality checks.  They come later as you break down your dream into manageable and logical chunks in order to start making it a reality.

Daring to dream I think is one big step that is often left out of the traditional goal setting methods.  Dreams provide the motivation and they provide the direction, something to move towards and keep you focussed on the point of all of your hard work.

Dreams are just that, at any time they can be revised, if in the course of making it happen you change your mind.  Human beings evolve and change through their experiences and so too do the type of dreams we dream.  This does not make any dream invalid or diminish it in any way because it served a purpose at the time and provided motivation!

The next step is to turn a dream into goals.

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